Are you religiously observant or belong to the religious, national religious or ultra-Orthodox sectors, and do you need a quick loan for any purpose? Well, it is worth knowing that the company Aviv Aviv holds a permit and a transaction permit allowing the granting of interest loans under the laws and regulations of the law. According to Jewish law prohibited even if the interest rate the borrower would like to pay interest and therefore define the loan transaction, or in the words of Chazal transactions. Company Led Aviv is proud to present its clients the bill permit religious alliance Pinchas Aiska- which allows it to provide loans in accordance with the agreed formula As detailed in the bill, and thus the religious sector can also obtain a loan when necessary without violating the halachic laws.

According to the deed of the transaction permit, half of the amount that the lender grants to the borrower is still owned by the lender and this amount is considered a deposit to be returned to him according to the time stipulated in the agreement. On this amount apply all the rules of the deposit and the responsibility for the amount is imposed on the borrower and therefore if the amount of the deposit raised profits will share the profits borrower and lender. The second half of the amount is granted as a loan to the borrower from the lender without interest. It is important to know that Aviv Aviv provides loans at interest rates to the observant public, subject to the terms of the permit and the permit. The business permit is an integral part of the contractual arrangement between the company and the borrower. For more details regarding the transaction permit and loans according to the spirit of the halakha, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions or requests.

The company “Avivim” is a transaction permit that enables our clients who keep the mitzvot to receive a loan at interest